What Is Your Quilt Style?

Quilters have different quilting styles from very traditional, follow the rules pieced blocks, to modern “white” space quilts that show off awesome quilting, to out of the box, no rules apply quilting. You know what you enjoy doing, I hope that you appreciate other quilting art styles for their creativity.

Jamie Fingal is one of those out of the box, no rules quilters. Her website says aboutjamie fingal Jamie, “Rebel Quilter, Writer, Curator, Teacher, Artist, Fabric Designer, Stencil Designer. Creates one-of-a-kind art quilts for the wall.”

The link below is to a The Quilt Show slide show of Jamie’s fun, funny and thoughtful quilts and photos of her studio. I hope that you enjoy this “rebel” quilter, pick up a little inspiration and someday, just for the fun of it, try a little out of the box quilting.

Link to smilebox slide show of Jamie Fingal’s quilts.

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