Shop Small- Saturday, November 28

All advertising for Black Friday with its deep discount loss leaders (TV sets for $150, Computers for $199, etc) is meant to get you through the door so that you drop many more dollars on other great sales before leaving the store.  As a result, small local businesses have been left out in the cold, literally.

Shop Local Saturday

Not to be left out in the cold, small businesses across the country are making a come back promoting their great, unique shops with a special shopping day on this Saturday, November 28.  Yes, great deals, sales people who live in your town, friendly home town service, and you are supporting your very own home town economy and its people by shopping locally.

Local Quilt Shop Makes A Big Difference – The Missouri Star Story

How much of a difference can a local shop make locally?  This “Today” story shows just what can happen with an idea, business plan, and sharing what you love to do.  Click on the link below to see this great story.

As Miss Piggy says, “Shop Small Saturday!  Monday, Tuesday. . . . .”

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