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Have you ever lacked for quilting inspiration? Perhaps you have tops waiting to be quilted, but have no design ideas for quilting. Some quilters are just naturally very creative and have a ton of ideas, others just draw a blank not knowing if a design will look OK, or what would look good in the sashing and borders.  As a result, they just send it out and “quilt by check.”

Quilting Ideas from Shows

quilt made by Vickie Coykendall

Made and quilted by Vickie Coykendall

One of my greatest sources for quilting ideas is to look at the quilts at quilt shows. There are so many very talented quilters out there. You don’t even have to go to the large national shows to see outstanding quilts as there are many beautiful quilts made by talented quilters on display at local guild shows. Yes, quilts at the national shows are over the top, but then again, those quilts are not really meant to be used, only displayed and sent off to shows with the hope of winning a prize.

In early June, the Genesee Valley Quilt Club had their biannual quilt show, Genesee Valley QuiltFest. This was a huge show with over 600 quilts on display and over 60 vendors. Many of these quilts rivaled those at national shows, in fact, there are a number of members who have won prizes at the national shows. Quilts, entered by club members and also non-members, were beautifully made and quilted making the judging very competitive.  Vickie’s quilt (above) is a perfect example of the outstanding work you find at a guild show.  Her quilt won two awards including the Viewer’s Choice Award.  Vickie quilted much of her quilt, including what is seen in the photo, at her domestic machine with what she calls graffiti quilting.  The borders were quilted at her longarm.

When I am at shows, what I really enjoy is taking time to look at the diversity of quilts, the unique quilt designs and the innovative quilting ideas. I do take photos as I could not possible remember all of the techniques I see.

Quilting Ideas from Books

quilt by Doree Hares and Mandy Applebee

Made by Doreen Hares, Quilted by Mandy Applebee

Just in the last couple of years, there have been many books published with ideas and techniques for machine and Longarm quilters. I have invested in a few of these books which range in topic from traditional to non-traditional, heirloom quilting, and even the “modern” quilting found on quilts with a lot of “white” space on them.  Doreen’s gray quilt (right) is a good example of a modern style quilt with a lot of open space to show off the quilting.  Some books illustrate the use of stencils and templates, others are full of techniques for free motion quilting.  It does not matter what type of machine you use as the design ideas will work with both a domestic and a Longarm machine.

quilt by Alice Sokolow

Made and quilted by Alice Sokolow

As quilts have taken on a whole different look compared to quilts ten or twenty years ago, the quilting we see in quilts today looks different, too.  Yes, there is a time when a traditional old quilt pattern will look best with a very traditional quilting design. Alice’s quilt (left) is a combination of today’s contemporary fabrics and more modern design, but with very traditional quilting (longarm quilted).

With the huge variety of colors and designs found in today’s fabrics, the unique and interesting

quilt by Merilee MacWilliam

Made and quilted by Merilee MacWilliam

quiltpatterns, there is definitely room for fresh and creative quilting.  Merilee’s Glacial Star quilt (right) (Judy Niemeyer pattern) is a perfect example of using beautiful batik fabrics, paper piecing technique to get precise piecing with sharp points, and outstanding quilting designs digitized specifically for this pattern and quilted with her Nolting Pro and IQ.

Next time you are looking for quilting inspiration, look no further than a local quilt show.  You might be surprised.

Where are some of your source(s) of quilting inspiration?

Travel Destination – July 10 – October 13, 2015

If you love looking at quilts as much as I do, especially looking at quilts that are different, this travel destination is for you.  Highlighted today on The Quilt Show, The Quilts of Caohagan is an exhibit at the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, from now until October 13, 2015.

It is amazing what people in other places do with their skill and love of quilting.  Take time to view this short video about the exhibit and then read more about the amazing people of Caohagan, Philippines below continued with the link to the National Quilt Museum.

“To witness how the art of quilting can be both the cultural and economic focal point of an entire community, the National Quilt Museum presents the “Quilts of Caohagan” exhibit. The quilts in this exhibit were all made by over 100 quilters on the tiny island of Caohagan in the Philippines. The quilters on the island work daily to produce quilts that are sold abroad. The income from quilt sales makes up 1/3 of the entire revenue of the island. The work of these extraordinary quilters ultimately funds food, education, housing, and other community necessities. The exhibit will be at The National Quilt Museum from July 10th to October 13th. As an additional treat, two quilters from the island will demonstrate their quilting process for Museum visitors in mid-August.”   Continued on the National Quilt Museum website with more information and photos.

The National Quilt Museum is always a wonderful place to visit because of its changing quilt exhibits.  The “Quilts of Caohagen” would be an especially interesting exhibit.  Let me know if you get a chance to visit the exhibit.  I would love to share your experience on this blog.

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Organizing Your Quilt Projects

I don’t know about you, but there are times that I am organized and times when I am totally disorganized.   When disorganized, life is chaotic and out of balance.  I often spend a lot of time looking for things that should not be hard to find.  In fact, I have been known to file papers in a file that seems so logical at the time, but not so logical when I am trying to find those papers later on.

The same is true in my sewing room.  Many things are organized.  I have a place for patterns, place for books, buttons, batting, thread, etc.  But when it comes to keeping track of the stuff for a quilt, I am not so good.  I recently saw this video posted on “The Quilt Show” and really like the simple and effective solutions for keeping quilt project “stuff” together.  I hope that it is a help to you, too.



Hello Quilting World!

After the fatal “white” screen of death last October when my Delightful Quilting blog crashed, I have been taking time to consider whether or not to reactivate the blog.  Now that the big quilt show (Genesee Valley QuiltFest)  in Rochester, NY is over, my quilt projects are almost caught up, and my recent hip surgery is progressing very well, I am up to the challenge of writing a blog again.

2015 Genesee Valley QuiltFest

2015 Genesee Valley QuiltFest

As before, this blog will be about quilting, from quilt construction to machine and Longarm quilting, and more.  Ideas for blog posts are all around.  In fact, when I get a call or an email with a question or problem related to Longarm quilting, my husband says, “You should write a blog on that.”

So, here we go again.  Blog posts will be about twice a month.  I hope you will subscribe, enjoy and benefit from what I find to share with the quilting world.  

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